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Eagle Teen Quest - Camp 1

We held the inaugural Teen Quest camp, which hosted a total of 67 EAGLE lites (students chosen from the various learning groups). We had numerous thrilling activities lined up for them which they took part in with so much excitement. First, they created teams and fashioned names and war cries for their respective teams. From then on, they worked in teams in everything they did. They had a lot of fun with an afternoon of activities including the bucket challenge, flute, spiderweb, rope course, invisible wall, and tyre challenge.

They were asked about success, what it is to them and how to achieve it. There followed group discussions in their teams with their leaders. A snack break came in handy after these sessions. The teens then enjoyed a great First Aid lesson where little Henry acted as the patient who made all illustrations. They left feeling like little doctors!

We then had a nature walk leading us to the Maleme Dam where they had a lesson about mindsets and we prayed together before heading back to the Campsite. At the Campsite they had supper, refreshed, and gathered at the Millennium Hall for a powerful session about destiny, principles, and time management, the learners showed so much interest in having such knowledge. To wrap up the day there was a bonfire where we shared what EAGLE is and why it is vital to be a part of the EAGLE learning group. Some of the campers shared how EAGLE content has been helpful to them in their different learning groups. The last session was the word, telling them about the danger of wanting to fit in instead of standing out. We ended the camp by announcing the winning team.