What is an EAGLE Learner?

An EAGLE Learner is any child who is interested in being a part of our revolutionary education experience. We understand that prior schooling experience (or lack thereof) can make enrolling in a new program intimidating, so we accommodate for the Learner’s needs while helping them take important strides forward in their education.

EAGLE is designed for children who

Live in a remote or overpopulate environment where schooling is hard to come by

Are otherwise unable to attend other schools because of high costs

Are interested in engaging with course material in a practical, discussion-based format

Have a desire to learn more about the world and further their relationship with Christ

What is an EAGLE Mentor?

An EAGLE Mentor is someone who will support, advise and guide the learners. They will take time getting to know each student and the challenges they are facing in their spiritual and educational journey. As Mentors, they should be in a position to use their understanding and personal experience to help them grow and fulfill their God given potential. Individuals in this position should also be prepared to facilitate a unique environment; their instructions should inform the children how to think critically on their own and give them the understanding to excel at Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric.

Singup to Mentor

An EAGLE Mentor must possess

A genuine love for and interest in the life of his or her learners

A desire to impart their knowledge on the next generation

A passion for a logic-oriented model of education

What is an EAGLE Church Leader?

An EAGLE Church Leader is an individual who is invested in the spiritual futures of the children in their community. They must be familiar with the words and ways of Christ, and should be prepared to assist EAGLE students in integrating their faith into their everyday lives. The Christian journey is full of challenges, and Church Leaders should be prepared to assist the children in overcoming these challenges.

An Eagle Church Leader needs to possess

A love for the Holy Trinity

A belief in the inerrancy of scripture and its importance in daily life

A desire to impart spiritual wisdom on the children of the community and help them begin their walks with God

How To Get Involved

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