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What is EAGLE?

EAGLE stands for enhanced access to great learning experiences, as an organization we seek to provide access to Relevant, Affordable, Accessible, and Accountable Education for children from low- income and middle-income households resulting in children who learn to learn with a Kingdom perspective. To achieve this EAGLE collaborates with numerous partners to design, develop and deploy solutions that will see more vulnerable children accessing good quality, affordable education closer to their dwellings with the outcome of better preparing them to be creative and productive citizens of Africa.

Eagle Learning targets vulnerable communities, particularly children who have dropped out of school due to a lack of resources or who have never been to school, especially in rural areas by creating learning groups. We are not only aimed at educating learners but providing support material and skills that will enable children to be upstanding citizens in the future, we tailor-make lessons in accordance with the national curriculum, enable learners to know more about themselves, and thereafter help them to make informed career choices. We believe that given the right opportunities people have the unlimited potential to transform their communities and ultimately their nation.

Learning groups provide a safe space for pupils with low confidence to speak up and learn from their mistakes. It will allow disadvantaged pupils to experience success and receive personalized, specific praise that they may not be accustomed to in other areas of their lives. This can transform a pupil’s mindset, self-esteem, and attitude to learning and be a turning point in their lives.


  1. Enhance positive self-esteem in the student with a leaning towards the Kingdom perspective.
  2. Equip learners with collaboration, communication, and creativity skills that are highly demanded in today’s working world.
  3. Provide more individualized attention for students having difficulties with their coursework.
  4. Provide reinforcement for learning that occurs in the classroom by allowing children to use the material daily through an intranet-based setup.
  5. Create Employment for youths by meeting the huge shortage of teachers (especially in rural communities). Our EAGLE Learning teachers train and equip mentors to assist the Learners.
  6. Build the student’s interest in reading and course subject matters by allowing children of different ages and grades to work at their own pace following the e-learning platform that guides them.
  7. Help the student see that learning can be fun.
  8. Assist existing schools and teachers by providing an e-learning platform and the technology to access better teaching resources, education techniques, etc.
  9. Provide feedback that will assist in developing a free e-learning platform that holds needed teaching material and offers different ways of learning to keep the child stimulated, a platform that is accessible to all, and one that children can use to homeschool.
  10. Accelerate and multiply the capacity of schools and teachers by allowing more children who might otherwise live far from schools or lack funds to access quality education.
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Our process

EAGLE (which stands for Enhanced Access to Great Learning Experiences) was born out of a desire to change the landscape of education in Africa forever. Children in Africa deserve to learn as much as anyone, but that becomes a less achievable dream every day as the continent’s population continues to grow explosively. The monetary price of entry and the physical price of travel both wear on rural families as they send their children to expensive schools miles away from home.

We seek to change this landscape for the better by implementing our patented mobile technology, specifically EAGLE Eggs and EAGLE Nests. Eggs are our information hotspots, which connect with student’s tablets to keep them continuously updated with new lessons and information on- or offline. Nests provide the same features as Eggs, but come with their own set of 10-30 tablets that have been donated and repurposed to charge under the Nest’s own power. With these tools at their disposal, EAGLE students can confidently claim their spots as participants in the digital age.

Students cannot reach their full potential on their own, which is why every classroom powered by EAGLE is led by an EAGLE Mentor. Mentors are members of the students’ communities who have a desire to see good done in their townships or villages, and they work with the students to ensure that learning is punctuated with meaningful discussions. This philosophy is a product of EAGLE’s unique model of education, derived from the philosophy of Dorothy Sayers and her fellows in the classical education movement. They proposed that all other forms of education flourish when built upon the Trivium–the Greek and Roman disciplines of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric–and when students are encouraged to discuss with their teachers rather than simply listening to lectures. Classical scholars and their students often conducted lessons under a tree or on the steps of a building, and EAGLE’s fully portable education system allows modern-day lessons to occur in the same manner.

Additionally, this model thrives when teacher and student alike operate from a worldview built on values from Holy Scripture and the words of Jesus Christ. Eagle Church Leaders are another important group of people that ensure that these values are present and prioritized in EAGLE programs. They are responsible for supporting the children as they build up their spiritual lives, which they accomplish by hosting and organizing worship and fellowship events. Just as in their lessons, the students are encouraged to ask questions about and discuss God’s Word, ensuring that the faith they come to is one hundred percent their own.

Meet The Team

Bridget Moyo

Project Team Leader

Denver Moyo

IT Specialist

George Sibanda

Community Outreach Officer

Tham’sanqa Mthupa

IT Specialist